Super-exclusive one-off Maserati Quattroporte GranLusso


Kicking off the Shanghai Auto Show, one of the most important gala’s in Asia, Maserati is presenting a unique new model. Showcasing a preview of its future customization programme, Maserati is supplying a Quattroporte GranLusso ONE OF ONE, personalized with the aid of Maserati Centro Stile in collaboration with a VIP customer: Mr. Xuan Feng, Chief Editor of T-Magazine China.

Maserati is intensifying its focal point on customization showcasing it’s innate Italian characteristics through combining virtuous craftsmanship, trendy science and state-of-the-art design.

Highlights of this efforts are the Quattroporte S Q4 GranLusso MY19, characterized by interiors providing Zegna PELLETESSUTA™, a new and unique cloth created with the aid of Ermenegildo Zegna solely for Maserati.

This was an special mission in which Xuan Feng advised the Maserati Centro Stile his own private story, inclusive of his passions and desires in life, translating his private history and passions into his special Maserati.

Along with the Quattroporte GranLusso ONE OF ONE and the Quattroporte S MY19 with interiors in Zegna PELLETESSUTA™, Maserati is additionally showing Levante and Ghibli MY19, both with the GranLusso trim.

The most prominently featured mannequin on the Maserati stand at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show is the Quattroporte GranLusso ONE OF ONE, which provides a preview of Maserati’s future customization programme. The unique, totally customized Maserati Quattroporte GranLusso was designed for and with the owner, Chief Editor of T-Magazine China, Xuan Feng.

The Maserati Centro Stile guided Mr. Feng via the technique of configuring his car, carrying out a collaborative customization operation which enabled the purchaser to actively take part in the creative process: now not solely did the purchaser choose the accessories and the configuration, however he was absolutely worried in the personalization of his personal car.

This new level of customization sincerely connects Xuan Feng’s personality and lifestyle.

The Quattroporte GranLusso ONE OF ONE facets an exterior shade specifically created for the customer. Xuan Feng’s choice: a light blue with opaque trim, evoking worn denim material, flawlessly taking pictures his persona and lifestyle.

The interior: exotic by a mixture of ordinary black and the new “Bianco Ghiaccio” colour: the lower dashboard, the door panels and seats characteristic this two-tone scheme in order to imbue the cabin with a rich and contemporary feel.

The upholstery of the seats points vertical stitching inspired with the aid of the classic pinstripe pattern of men’s fabrics. Thanks to the exclusive dying procedure that takes location in oak casks, a approach that allows ample time for the pigments to be naturally absorbed with the aid of the leather, the fantastic Pieno Fiore leather, takes on an elegant, deep and luminous colour. The leather is smooth and supple, with a light and deliberately irregular texture, imbuing it with structure and character. The stitching for the door panels and top dashboard repeat the denim mild blue tone of the exterior.

The central console, the dashboard fascia and door panels of the Quattroporte GranLusso ONE OF ONE for Xuan Feng are made from a hundred percent herbal burl wood, characterized by means of a denim light blue colour, recalling the exterior and developing a sophisticated impression. This unique burl was used for the very first time on a car.

The Maserati Centro Stile created for Xuan Feng two special ground mat kits in distinctive colours: one in Bianco Ghiaccio in order to accentuate the brightness of the interior, and the other in Blu Indigo to evoke the unique exterior colour.

Maserati will host – together with Ermenegildo Zegna, a longstanding partner and a chief in the field of men’s luxurious clothing – two other main artisanal corporations in their field: two Giorgetti, the internationally famend Italian woodworking company, acknowledged for its fixtures and special graph pieces, and De Castelli, a main metalworking firm, specializing in the manufacturing of unique domestic plan accessories, customized surfaces and projects.

The stand gives an interactive ride thru three distinct thematic areas, each of them with a dedicated working table. Each region will characteristic a display of substances and factors that bear witness to the unending quest for excellence, style and originality, usual of products designed and Made in Italy, and therefore regular of Maserati.

Regarding innovation, format and customization, for the first time ever Maserati applies a D-Table, the only multi-touch, interactive flat display table featuring an elegant and sophisticated design. Latest-generation software program will enable clients to configure their automobiles through choosing exterior and inside combinations, colors and substances at a touch. Thus presenting a unique experience and real-time visualization for the configuration of their man or woman Maserati, the usage of all customization facets offered.

Ermenegildo Zegna – Working Table
The Zegna working desk illustrates the Zegna-Maserati tailoring atelier, from the preliminary phase of weaving the PELLETESSUTA™ the usage of spools of sturdy bands of leather, through to the rolls of resulting woven material in the Maserati leather-based hues (black, tan, red and darkish brown).

Like a fine, made-to-measure shoe, this PELLETESSUTA™ (woven leather) adapts its form to the sinuous floor of the Maserati Quattroporte dashboard (the featured aspect of the interior, over which the PELLETESSUTA™fits perfectly; the three-dimensionality of the woven strips of leather create a tactile floor for this component, restoring mild and texture, imbuing the volume of this aspect with expressive force). Two Quattroporte dashboard fascias blanketed with black and tan PELLETESSUTA™ are on display.

Five exceptional ornamental Maserati Levante door panel trim factors demonstrate the many opportunities for chromatic customization of the Maserati PELLETESSUTA™.

The PELLETESSUTA™tiles symbolize joint studies and plan lookup between the Ermenegildo Zegna Style Centre and Maserati, exploring jacquard designs that combine colours, photo factors and patterns with an eye to achievable customizations.

The sketches depict the research carried out by means of the Masearti Centro Stile into textures, their visible software to the a range of aspects and efforts to stability and harmonize colours inside the context of the auto interior.

Giorgetti – Working Table
The Giorgetti working desk facets excellent woodworking and cabinetry skills. By potential of three Quattroporte dashboard inserts Giorgetti illustrates the central function of wooden when it comes to Maserati components, highlighting how preliminary mechanical methods are followed by means of guide ones, operations like precision carving work, turning and modelling in three of the 12 Giorgetti wood varieties: Ash, Walnut and Maple.

The table additionally features a wooden panel in antiqued Ash with Shibori decorations, the thought for the two Quattroporte dashboard fascias which characteristic this approach in a micro-shibori version, styled and expressed all-over pattern sections. The smallest dashboard inserts function the same cure for large factors on the dashboard in antiqued Ash burl timber and herbal Ash burl wood.

Finally, the sheets of veneer whole the desk as factors of stylistic research in which Giorgetti and Maserati scan with wooden varieties modified into 3D-pattern, landscapes in the case of the Ziricote wood, or dynamic textural consequences in the case of the Tanganika Frise.

De Castelli – Working Table
The working desk illustrates the assembly between the Italian excellence of De Castelli, when it comes to creative metallic surfacing, and Maserati’s eagerness to embody and interpret this poetry in metal. The sophistication of the steel working tactics utilized to its indoors aspects (the dashboard fascia and the pedal trims) serves to similarly enhance the interior, now not solely functionally but also by introducing a sense of poetry and textural allure. A storytelling stimulated by means of the chromatic richness of the Italian sea and landscape.

The four sheets of metal reveal the method of working the semi-finished material. The sheet of raw cloth in its pure shape is subjected to a guide hammering phase, fashioning it into the form of the Maserati Quattroporte dashboard. The featured issue of this interior, is perfectly proper to speaking the delicate chromatic and poetic transitions of the DeMarea finish, selected for this brilliant work of art. The different two elements illustrate the phases of oxidation and floor transformation of the brass: human manuality, creativity and sense of aesthetic pleasure figure out when to cease time and halt the procedure of oxidation, ascertaining the perfect moment for obtaining the DeMarea gradient. This method is actually defining the area of expertise of each detail.

On the artisan’s working desk and innovative space, the procedure of storytelling unfolds with the help of equipment and historical instruments, the place steel sheet is formed into a work of art.

Subjected to more than a few floor treatments, the sheets of metallic carry the excellence of the De Castelli world, not to point out Maserati’s flair for design.

The working desk additionally displays Quattroporte dashboard fascia with the DeMarea Iron, DeMarea Copper and DeMarea Brass finish. The DeMarea trilogy illustrates a single manner composed of superimposed, polysemous guide oxidation operations. These are all inspired by way of Italian sea and landscapes, developing “watercolour” effects, conveying exceptionally textural sensations and evocations of waves lapping towards Venice’s signature mooring posts.

The collaboration between De Castelli and Maserati also expresses itself in the pedals. These key elements for working a automobile have been embellished with a hand-applied oxidation treatment, boasting a extra sophisticated aptitude in the DeMarea Copper kit, mixed with the luxurious pad in vegetal-tanned Saddle Extra leather, which is inspired via the soles of made-to-measure shoes. While a extra “art workshop” aptitude distinguishes the DeMarea Iron kit, brandishing logos engraved with the Maserati name.

The sketches depict the lookup carried out by means of the Maserati Centro Stile into textures, their visual software to the a number components and efforts to stability and harmonize hues within the context of the car interior.

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